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Hexacopter Shoot In Boston

Recently we had to shoot some backplate images for a project…the trick was that they needed to be about 150 feet in the air. Now that is too low for a full size helicopter to fly, and too high for a boom crane. So what do you do you ask? Well, we fly a Hexacopter…
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July 16, 2013 0

Happy 4th of July!

A quick timelapse video I shot while watching the fireworks from the Charles River in Boston. Favorite

July 10, 2013 0

Remove Duplicate Entries in OSX ‘Open With’ Menu

A random little tip I found online to help remove duplicates in the ‘Open With’ menu in OS 10.8. For whatever reason, I had random applications duplicated anywhere from 5 to 10 times…made the list pretty unwieldy. Favorite

May 16, 2013 0

Adobe’s move to Creative Cloud Summed Up Perfectly…By Hitler

I, like many others out there are not very excited about Adobe’s move to have users “rent” their software, but Hitler is really pissed off about it. Good laugh for a Friday afternoon. By EvilEdison Favorite

May 10, 2013 0


It was a labor of love, but for now the HEXaCopter is complete. Now to start on that ground control station… Favorite

April 30, 2013 0