FPO Imagery

September 10, 2012 Interactive Design / Development Uncategorized 0


FPO Imagery is a simple and free to use image generator for those of you out there that develop and design web, mobile, or any other kind of applications. Whether you use the URL’s as the SRC value for an image tag, or if you just open an image in your browser to download, it is super easy.

Here is all that you need to use:

But what does this mean you ask? Well, it is pretty straigh forward:

w = the width of the image you need
h = the height of the image you need
bg = the background color in 3 or 6 digit hex color
fg = the foreground (text) color in 3 or 6 digit hex color

And that’s it…pretty easy right? I will be updating this new web app as I get free time so be sure to check back again and see what new features have been added!