International Drone Day Boston 2016

January 9, 2016 Blog 0

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Drones have a bad reputation, and even though many of us call our Multi-rotors by different names, the public does associate our fantastic machines with the word drone. We are here to make sure that Drones are seen in a positive light.

The purpose of International Drone Day is to show the world that drones are good, and can be used for many good purposes. Movie making, search and rescue, police work, architecture, inspections, emergency response, and for just having fun.

This years event will have something for everyone:

  • FAA pilot registration stations
  • AMA membership program
  • Virtual flight simulator
  • Safe flight education sessions
  • Micro drones
  • FPV racing
  • Hardware show and tell
  • Hobby shops
  • Product demonstrations
  • Door prizes
  • And more! for tickets and more information!