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Installing Extensions From Adobe CS5 or CS6 Into Creative Cloud

Recently, we were switched from various versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite to Creative Cloud at work. Well, I would love today that this was a smooth process, well at least as smooth as Adobe makes it out to be…it wasn’t. Once of the biggest issues we had within the Interactive department was that many of…
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April 16, 2014 0


For all of you developers and designers our there that need to browser test your work in IE…DO NOT upgrade to IE 11. Microsoft, in their infinite (HA!) wisdom have removed the ability to change your browser version. Stick with IE 10, and install IE 11 as a separate instance. Favorite

November 9, 2013 0

Adobe’s move to Creative Cloud Summed Up Perfectly…By Hitler

I, like many others out there are not very excited about Adobe’s move to have users “rent” their software, but Hitler is really pissed off about it. Good laugh for a Friday afternoon. By EvilEdison Favorite

May 10, 2013 0